Who can participate

Being the EV Capital is a great opportunity for growth and development for everyone. That’s why everyone should take part in it!

With the nomination as European Volunteering Capital, Padova challenges the idea that the appointment will represent an extraordinary opportunity to develop ideas, promote initiatives, encourage contacts and relationships, initiate experiences and experiments and also to start processes that can stimulate projects in the medium and long term.

For this challenge to become a reality, it is essential to involve and relate the different social groups, at a local, regional and national level and to share the 2019-2021 agenda with them.

The four social actors of Padova EV Capital

Volunteering and the third sector

During the year 2020 Padova will be transformed into a showcase for local volunteering and good practices on a national and European level. For this reason, it is important to promote the projects and the innovative ideas that distinguish our territory.


2020 will be a great opportunity, for all municipalities in the province of Padova, for the Veneto Regions and also for Italy itself. All municipalities, educational institutions and universities, starting from local ones, can become part of the journey of Padova European Volunteering Capital.


Nowadays, enterprises that used to provide assistance, help and social support to the community and that used to carry out projects aiming to improve the cultural and civil growth of the population are unable to provide the same level of support as in the past and this creates difficulties.

In this context, companies are called on to play a direct role in the community to help overcome the current difficulties. On the occasion of Padova EV Capital, we want to promote the meeting between the profit and non-profit world for a meaningful alliance, capable of creating different kinds of social growth.


2020 will turn Padova into a showcase for local volunteering and good practices at a national and European level. It will also be an opportunity to raise awareness of the volunteering sector and for personal growth for citizens.