Per Padova noi ci siamo

The Municipality, the Volunteer Centre and the Diocese together to avoid a social emergency related to the coronavirus health emergency


The Municipality of Padova, the Diocese and the Provincial Volunteer Centre of Padova present the project “Per Padova noi ci siamo” (For Padua we are here), combined with a fundraising campaign

In a few days, in the territory of Padova many noteworthy initiatives were spontaneously born to respond to the basic needs of the most fragile people, such as grocery shopping. At the same time, some shop owners have given their availability to help and the associations that have always been committed to support basic needs, are trying to continue their services.

Anyway, the government’s indications are clear: it is necessary, for the sake of everyone, to stay at home.

To combine the needs and the resources of the community and at the same time be sure to operate in safety, the Municipality, the Diocese and the Volunteer Centre, together with the Civil Protection and with the support of Banca Etica and Produzioni dal Basso decided to join their forces setting up a coordination among all the social components of the city of Padova and activating an important fundraising campaign to collect money to support the most extreme areas of fragility.

The aim is to provide an adequate response to the primary needs of people with vulnerability in the period of health emergency and post-emergency, so that it will not turn into a social emergency.

The project:

The project will:

  • Activate a network composed by associations, Caritas, public services and productive realities of the territory, that are already facing the problem or willing to activate themselves;

  • Coordinatie the volunteers who gave their availability;

  • Activate and develop three services: friendly phone calls, home delivery of basic goods and an accommodation response for the homeless.

How to do


The needs will be collected by the Municipality of Padova through the dedicated number 049 23 23 009


The availability of everyone willing to volunteer will be collected and screened by CSV Padova through the number 049 86 849 or through the email


The project will be supported by the funds of the three main partners and by a fundraising campaign open to citizens, to give everyone the opportunity to contribute.

The main costs to be covered are related to the purchase of basic essentials for people in economic distress, the purchase of personal protection equipment for the volunteers involved in order to operate safely and the costs of providing shelter for the homeless during the emergency.

Everyone can donate

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